Tails of Tales: The New Chapter

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Of death and respect

Death is all around.

But i’m afraid respect is not exempted from death. The recent release of Jennifer’s nudes and the amount of people flocking to it has disappointed me. If you can’t respect her as a person, don’t go complaining if one disrespects you.

Respect cannot be demanded for. You have to earn it.

That’s what my late Aunt Lily wrote in a newspaper column decades ago.

I have lost another portion of my faith in humanity.

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I thank God for his love. I thank God for how my parents brought me up. I thank God that he first loved me.

If He never did, i wouldn’t be able to love people around me like i do. This post is a reminder of God’s love for each and everyone of us.

Sometimes you only learn through hardships but always, ALWAYS bear in mind that God has a plan and he’ll continue to shower you with all His love in the process.

I thank God for getting me through these few days. It was a challenge i almost gave up on.

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